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Medical Care Obertauern

Doctors surgery

Hotel Obertauern

The doctors’ surgery and emergency pharmacy is located directly opposite the Alpenhotel Perner.

The hospitals in Obertauern and Radstadt have 55 years’ experience of dealing with and treating sporting injuries. They have a long history of successful work with experienced trauma surgeons and anaesthetists. Our sports clinic specialises in shoulder and knee surgery, and the treatment of fractures etc., and employs only professional sports traumatologists and orthopaedic surgeons. Many top athletes visit the clinic to get treatment for sporting injuries.

Hotel Obertauern
Hotel Obertauern

The services we offer range from digital radiography to CT scans, MRI scans and right through to ultrasound.

We undertake arthroscopic procedures, and
treat fractures, broken bones, and
ligament/tendon injuries.