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Impressions of our wellness hotel in Obertauern

Impressions of the new wellness area at the alpine hotel Perner


The new panorama technogym at our wellness hotel

Our glass-cube proudly protrudes out of our new wellness-area. The new "technogym"-equipment is waiting for you!

Wellness hotel with swimming pool

Our renewed swimming pool

Relaxation room next to the swimming pool

The relaxation room near the swimming pool with view to the "perner"-lift.

Sauna area in the spa hotel Perner

Our new sauna-area presents itself generously designed.

Softsauna at the spa hotel

Relaxation for all in the soft-sauna...

Wellness Ski Hotel

... in the finn-sauna....

Alp-sauna in Obertauern

...outside in our alp-sauna...

Ski and Wellness in Austria

... and of course in our heated waterbeds.

Ice-crasher and single showers at the Perner hotel

Big single-showers and crashed ice to refresh your body after sauna.

Wellness in Obertauern
Spa hotel Perner

The sauna-area has two separate ralaxation rooms, one for the reading persons and one with view to the Pernerliftpist - you can watch your children while they are skiing.